4 Reasons You Should Plan a Destination Wedding

You can save money AND have choices

Traditional weddings are now averaging about $29,000 or more, which is an amount some couples just aren’t interested in spending. You can save a good amount of money by planning a destination wedding, and you’ll have many different package options and sizes to choose from.

You will be in control

By taking your wedding to a totally different destination than somewhere familiar, like your hometown, allows you the freedom to do and plan what you want. You’ll be less likely to be tied to traditions and rituals and more likely to choose ways to celebrate that are unique to you and your relationship.

Your plans will be simplified

Planning for your honeymoon can take almost as much time and effort as the actual wedding. A destination wedding is the perfect way to do everything all at once, making the planning process easier and less stressful for you.

You’ll enjoy more quality time with your guests

Destination weddings tend to be smaller than traditional ones, so you’ll have more time to be with your guests. An intimate group of family and friends will give you a more quality experience, even if the quantity of guests is smaller.