Uber Easy To Expense Business Trips With Uber

Business travelers, feel free to flip over the new addition to the Uber suite of innovations. Announced March 3, the ride-hailing app is unveiling its auto-expense feature, which allows travelers to seamlessly pair their accounts with expensing companies. Now reimbursements are not only easy, they are delivered near effortlessly as you barely remember expensing your

How To Beat Jet Lag: The Definitive Guide

Jet lag can range from a minor annoyance to a debilitating problem that can leave travelers feeling out of sorts for several days (or even longer). Most people are able to tough it out, but the disruption in your regular sleeping schedule can be inconvenient and unhealthy. The Mayo Clinic blames jet lag on the disruption

15 Reasons Couples Should Go On Vacation Instead of Buying Stuff

If your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse has a birthday coming up, your anniversary is near or you want to plan the perfect holiday surprise, you should consider using your money to fund a vacation instead of buying a gift item. Here are 15 excellent reasons why it’s better for couples to go on vacation than

Violet Clover Travel Group – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 22, 2015 ​ For more information, contact: Tiffany Bynum Owner & Travel Consultant Violet Clover Travel Group 216-236-8450 info@violetclovertravelgroup.com Violet Clover Travel Group Opens in Brunswick [Brunswick, OH] – Tiffany Bynum is proud to announce the recent launch of her own travel agency, Violet Clover Travel Group located in Brunswick, Ohio.

Excited about Host Agency

I’ve selected the host agency that I will be working with going forward. I’m excited and pleased with my choice to select KHM Travel Group. I’ve been an Independent Agent with this team for 24 hours and already they are heads and shoulders above the other group that I was working with for the last