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  • Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies - Many wedding couples choose to be legally married in the United States, preceded or followed by a symbolic wedding ceremony in resort with family and friends. Symbolic weddings can be less costly, and a great choice for busy couples that prefer to bypass the gathering and completion of documentation required for a legally-binding ceremony in a foreign country.

    Legally-Binding Wedding Ceremonies - Check with the embassy/consulate of the country in which you are marrying for the most up-to-date information on documentation requirements and other restrictions for US citizens marrying in a foreign country.


  • (i.e. Cancun, Montego Bay, Aruba, Costa Rica)
  • Select up to three options.
  • Select up to three options.

  • General Destination Wedding Information

    Important: At most resorts there is a 15 room, 3 night minimum required to qualify for any wedding amenities. A minimum deposit of $100 per room is required to secure your room block which you pay up front. As your guests confirm their reservation, the deposit you paid is either returned to you or applied to your stay at the end of the trip. Complete details will be provided with your proposal.

    Once your resort/cruise/villa is selected, the wedding date secured by deposit (fee varies by property) and your room block secure - we will create a special link on our website with all of your event details. You will share this link with your guests and they will contact us directly to book. It is important that your guests all book through one source so that you will qualify for your wedding/group amenities.

    will answer all of their questions and take care of all the booking details including airfare and travel insurance. We will keep track of the guest list and keep you up to date on your guest count. Any special perks or incentives offered by the resort or cruise line will be passed on to you!

    Please note we are not wedding planners and while we can refer you to local vendors and contacts we do not get involved with the actual wedding planning. You will be responsible for all legal aspects of your wedding.

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