7 Steps to Reduce the Stress of Planning a Vacation

Thinking about your perfect vacation is a wonderful thought, but planning your dream vacation can be stressful and overwhelming.  It can be a daunting task because you need to think about so many things like the weather conditions, food, lodging, transportation, etc. This is reason why the planning process can get in the way of a good vacation. Following these steps will help you reduce the stress of planning a vacation:

Determine your budget first and then figure out what you can do within that budget. Some people may prefer to choose what they want to do on vacation and then create a budget. Either way, a budget needs to be one of the first things you develop to stay within your financial boundaries.


Activities. Brainstorm an activity wish list with your family, group, or significant other. This does not mean that everyone gets what they want but it will help to set expectations. Not everyone enjoys the same activities so this will help you to balance everyone’s desires. For example, if everyone wants to play in the sun but do lots of different activities than an all-inclusive resort could be a great fit.


When and Where. This part is easy if you already have a destination in mind. If you do not have a specific destination, then write all your preferences and what time of year you want to go on vacation along with the length of stay. You should also think about the climate and activities are you looking to do.


Come up with several itinerary options to evaluate and compare.  Using a travel agent is helpful because they have the insights and suggestions to reduce the stress of planning your vacation because they do all the legwork for you.



International travel. When traveling internationally don’t forget to check on the vaccines and visa requirements for that country. Use this time to take a look at your passport and make sure it is not going to expire soon. A lot of countries do not like you to travel on a passport that close to expiring so make sure you will have 6 months or more left on the passport for the dates you travel.


Money: Call your credit card company and inform them of when you are traveling so your transactions don’t get flagged as fraudulent and your card gets blocked. Also, check on ATMs and fees. Is there an additional fee for using your credit card internationally?  Determine how much cash you want to travel with and what methods you will use to pay for different parts of your trip.


Travel insurance. Do not be fooled, you need travel insurance. It covers so much than just illness. It can cover a stolen camera, a cancelled flight, medical issues and so much more. Remember most health care plans do not cover you overseas.



There are so many steps involved in planning a great vacation.  Planning a vacation can be incredibly overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to turn to a professional – most of the time it may not cost you anything extra to use a travel agent. Booking your own vacation can take 5 hours or more searching consumer travel sites. Violet Clover Travel Group offers personalized service finding you the right trip for the best value. A good travel consultant can alleviate a lot of the stress when planning a vacation. Contact me at 1-216-236-8450 or by email at info@violetclovertravelgroup.com.