Roommate Matching Program

In the spirit of no one left behind, I've started a Roommate Matching Program. I know that there are men and women that would love to experience one of our group trips, but they miss out because they can’t find a suitable roommate. Although I offer single occupancy rooms on all of my group trips, I realize the price increase can push a trip that would otherwise be affordable out of your budget.

To avoid the additional out of pocket cost of single occupancy rates, and the regret of missing yet another fantastic travel experience, I encourage you to find other solo travelers and share a room. I'm all for connecting good people while allowing them to take advantage of the reduced rooming costs that come with double occupancy. The savings can be huge, and who just might find your new travel buddy for future trips!

Currently, I offer roommate matching for some, but not all, of my international group trips. Where roommate matching is available it will be listed in the notes section of the trip description.


  • Select “Book Now” on your international group trip of choice (the trip must not be sold out, and must offer roommate matching)
  • During the booking process, select “Double Occupancy”
  • In the Roommate Name field, you will enter “ROOMMATE MATCH REQUESTED”
  • Complete the remaining fields, select your payment plan, pay your deposit, and complete your reservation

When your reservation is complete, you will be directed to a link to fill out information about you, and your travel preferences. It is important that you fill this information out completely, and honestly so that you are matched accordingly.

After you have submitted your travel preferences and when 50% of your reservation has been paid, you will begin to receive email notifications from Violet Clover Travel Group with the name, email address, and description of other solo travelers on your group trip that have also expressed an interest in finding a roommate. Your
information will in turn be provided to those same solo travelers.

I encourage you to review the information, and reach out to anyone with whom you are interested in rooming with. It is strongly recommended that you and your potential match have a few conversations via email AND phone to get to know a little about one another before making a final decision. Proceed only when you are confident that you've found someone with whom you'll enjoy spending time.

Once you and your roommate have agreed to proceed, you will both need to contact Violet Clover Travel Group within three weeks, and let us know you would like to room together. This must be done prior to your final payment being due. I will then make the necessary adjustments to your reservations internally.