One of the many reasons our tours are a fantastic deal is because prices are based on double occupancy rooms and cabins. If you're traveling solo, we always offer single occupancy rooms for a little more, but sometimes that price increase can push an affordable trip out of your budget. To avoid these fees, we encourage you to find other solo travelers and share a room. The savings can be substantial!

With our Roommate Matching Program, simply book one of our tours with Roommate Matching available and tell us know when completing your online reservations that you would like a roommate match. We'll send you a list of other solo travelers booked on the same departure who are also interested in finding a roommate. Once you find somebody you'd like to room with, let us know, and we'll note your account It's easy, free, and a great way to find a travel companion.

To use our Roommate Finder:

  1. During the booking process, select "double occupancy” and in the roommate name box,please enter “ROOMMATE MATCH REQUESTED”.
  2. Pay your deposit and complete your reservations.
  3. You'll receive an email with the name, email address, and description of other solo travelers who have booked the same departure and have also expressed an interest in finding a roommate, if its currently available. It no roommate match is currently available, we will send you an email as soon as one is available. Meanwhile, your name, email address and description will be sent to those same travelers once they make their reservations.
  4. Review the list and contact anyone with whom you are interested in rooming. Once you find someone, have a few conversations by phone and/or email. Proceed only when you are confident that you've found someone with whom you'll enjoy spending time.
  5. Both you and your roommate must contact us before your final payment due date to let us know that you'd like to room together. We'll make the necessary arrangements and update your reservations internally.