travel planning


STEP 1 - CONTACT: Submit a Trip Design request form.

STEP 2 - CHAT: Schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your trip.

STEP 3 - CONTRACT: Once you decide to work with Violet Clover Travel Group we'll send your plan-to-go invoice.

STEP 4 - PLAN: The fun begins!! We’ll start researching and planning the perfect getaway! We’ll provide you with quotes based on your inquiry and our chat for you to choose from.

STEP 5 - BOOK: Once you’ve chosen a package, we’ll get your vacation booked! We’ll be there to help with questions and concerns from the time your trip is booked until you return home.

Simply fill in this short form below and we will be in touch by email with more information and next steps. If you’re already jumping for joy at the idea of handing the planning off to a trusted expert, go ahead and get started with the TRIP DESIGN FORM.